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Our Vision

We have a passion to teach, train, and inspire leaders to achieve greater success.

Our team inspires leaders locally and around the world to develop, to excel, and to discover their best. We work closely with our clients to help identify any gaps in execution, skill, or experience and then provide the tools needed to close those gaps. Whether you want to learn more about starting a business, running a business, or achieving higher sales, LML is the ideal partner and resource to help achieve your goals.

We want to light the fire in people that helps unleash their greatest potential.


LML’s unique approach and insight helps people learn and grow in a way that allows them to apply these skills to multiple
areas of both business and life.



With access to both online and in-person training, our clients can plug into powerful interactive resources, including responsive Q & A sessions and specifically-tailored training. You and your team will gain the perspectives you need and be able to confidently equip others for greater success.


Years of experience allow us to understand your goals and to help build, recover, or accelerate your business, based upon your current stage of development.
Build. Recover. Accelerate.


Our goal is to provide inspiration to learn and grow. Speaking to groups and organizations of all sizes, we customize content that is thought-provoking and stimulating. To get the greatest impact, we provide practical tools that help teams attain their specific purpose, vision, and goals.


We impact peoples lives and businesses. We help others grow. We succeed when you succeed.

“Dan talked with me about ways to increase my revenue as a gigging musician. He offered specific conversation points and key words to assure that I am not underpaid, and to leverage toward higher paying gigs over time. Dan helped me to look at the bigger picture and consider where I want to be heading. Increasing what I am earning without increasing my hours means I can focus more energy into songwriting and creating- and that’s the dream!”

Abigail Stauffer

Musician, Coaching Client

“Leaders Must Lead has been an invaluable tool for my business from the creation of my company to its rapid growth. Dan’s consultation has ensured that my business was built with a solid foundation.”

Michael Konas

Owner of Dog Might Games, Consulting Client

“I would like to thank Leaders Must Lead for bringing great learning tools to professional individuals like myself. Dan teaches with passion and truly inspired me to become a better leader. The experience was interactive and related to every individual from every field of business. I highly recommend these classes to everyone who wants to achieve greater success in any field.”

Salim Chhtotoo

Retail GM, Online Training Client

Let me help you realize your business goals and find success!


Let’s start a conversation. Understanding principles and discussing practical applications allows us to do more than simply share tactics. Working together, we can apply our philosophy to a wide variety of situations, helping you accelerate your business and career. Our free blog posts focus on a variety themes that will benefit anyone who is interested in growing and learning.

Why Do I Work with Creatives?

Why do I work with Creatives? In my experience, Creatives (musicians, artists, chefs, etc.) are often undervalued in society and even tend to undervalue their own contributions. One of the reasons I do what I do is to help people uncover and accomplish their...

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Confidence vs. Arrogance

For many years, 'arrogant' was one of the first words used to describe me. This hurt, but was unfortunately accurate. In recent years I've worked, sometimes successfully, to grow beyond this. For much of this time, I strove to be confident rather than arrogant. Now, I...

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“I have gained so much from the Interactive Business Essentials class. Being in the music industry, the tools that I’ve gained have been priceless!!! You will learn the difference between management and leadership. Interactive Business Essentials is a must for anyone in any field.”

John Devin Bates, Musician
Online Training Client


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LML was created to help people gain new perspectives, develop new skills, enhance their level of understanding, fulfill their purpose and maximize their success.

Dan McPherson
Managing Director

Dan McPherson has cultivated more than 20 years of leadership and team development experience to create a strong Leaders Must Lead mindset. Dan has held leadership positions as a top-ranked manager in the retail industry and his experience in retail, sales, and business has led him to become a student of all aspects of personal and leadership development, as well as positive organizational growth. Dan is a great communicator who has helped many leaders accomplish more than they thought possible. He has a passion for stepping out to lead people and help impact their lives and businesses.

John Ezra Dew

John Ezra is a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer, and speaker with more than 15 years of leadership and sales experience across a variety of environments including military, personal training, television, and more. After serving 7 years in the US Marine Corps, Ezra has dedicated himself to helping others understand their gifts and achieve great success. Ezra’s ability to assess complicated situations, recognize problems, and design practical plans empowers others to create life-altering results.

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