3 Reasons Why Everyone (Including You) Needs a Mentor

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Everyone needs help sometimes. Those that seek it out proactively have a much greater likelihood of winning. We learn from many sources, but those we trust who can (and are willing to) provide objective feedback which challenges us to grow are among the most valuable.

As with most things we need in life, it would be easy to list the reasons why we don’t or can’t have a mentor. These excuses are far outweighed by the reasons we should have – in fact, need – to have one.

  1. The most successful people in the world have mentors. If this is true (and it is), then shouldn’t you? Our egos tell us we don’t need this, but if they can set their egos aside, so can you.
  2. Without feedback and outside perspective (just like sunlight for a plant), we don’t grow. Personal growth is a requirement for sustained success.
  3. If we don’t learn, we’re unable to teach with positive authority. Before you say, “I’m not a teacher,” remember that everyone is a leader. Like it or not, you’re an example for someone whether it be kids, co-workers, or the server at the last restaurant you visited.

This lesson has been integral in my life. I would not be where I am today without the support of my mentors.

Who is your mentor and how have they helped make a difference for you?


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