Strong Presentation

The way to handle objections is simple and equally true whether in retail, team leadership, or direct sales: Have a strong presentation and eliminate objections before they occur.

Discipline Your Mind

Our mental approach to a situation or customer dramatically impacts our chances of success. Discipline your mind to focus on the positive. Refuse to lose and you are far more likely to win.

A Welcoming Smile

A welcoming smile makes a world of difference. The benefit? The difference you make in other people’s days will give you reasons to continue smiling.

Know Your Basics

In football basics may mean blocking and tackling, for retail it’s exceeding customers’ expectations, and with leadership it’s taking care of our team. What are your basics?

Plan and Prevent Concerns

A retail consulting client recently asked about the best method for handling customer or employee concerns and objections. The answer? There are many approaches after they arise, but the best way to overcome any concern is to prevent it before it occurs.

Have Fun!

Salespeople (and leaders) who are cheerful and enthusiastic consistently outsell those who share bad moods or display miserable attitudes. You need to have fun!