Confidence vs. Arrogance

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For many years, ‘arrogant’ was one of the first words used to describe me. This hurt, but was unfortunately accurate.

In recent years I’ve worked, sometimes successfully, to grow beyond this. For much of this time, I strove to be confident rather than arrogant. Now, I would say that plan is a trap.

Why? Despite how often we refer to them together, these two adjectives are related, but not necessarily linked. In fact, I believe they exist on separate spectrums.

Arrogance exists on a line with humility whereas confidence relates to insecurity. These are driven by related, but opposed focuses.

Humility surpasses arrogance as we commit to helping others win. Confidence replaces insecurity as we invest in our own growth.

A crucial key to successful leadership is understanding that, if you do everything you can to help those on your team grow and win, the rest will work out. Effectively supporting others breeds humility.

Engaged leaders also overcome insecurity and learn to project confidence. They invest in personal growth and, through repetition, gain competence which builds confidence.

Strong leaders recognize both are critical. Improved skill and understanding enables effective service of others.

Where do you fall on these lines? What do you believe is the best way to improve in these areas? More importantly, what direction are you moving?


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