Making Dreams Come Alive!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved helping people. Personally and in business, it is the same. I love to witness success and much more even to play some part helping others accomplish their dreams.

I’m a refiner. Throughout my career, I’ve worked many positions – from front-line cashier to Regional Director and SVP Operations, responsible for thousands of people and hundreds of millions of dollars over time. I’ve studied every aspect of business to understand not only the what, but the why of it.

That is what allows me to share these lessons with others. I refer to my ‘gift’ in business as synthesis. I seem to have this uncanny ability to observe several methods of doing something, pull a piece from each, and create a new idea or process that improves upon the others. This is a big part of how I create value for others.

The strongest leaders I’ve worked with share a great vision. I strive to do the same. As I uncover clients’ needs and goals, I look to share a clear, attainable, and exciting path of progress to accomplish those dreams. Dreams can come true.

As Leaders Must Lead was born, I was confident I could help nearly anyone. While that is technically true, I’ve been reminded of the importance of focus. As time went on, I realized the huge unmet need that Creatives and many small businesses have for coaching and training in the areas I had studied for many years: leadership, sales, time management, business acumen, and more. That was my ‘light bulb’ moment.

Connecting with creatives and small business owners has been tremendously rewarding. We’ve been able to help establish and dramatically grow businesses, save huge amounts of time, build profits, and more. Our clients readily share these exciting results and I couldn’t be more proud of their progress. I’m excited to witness yours as well!

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