Let’s start a conversation! Understanding principles and discussing practical applications allows us to do more than simply share tactics. Working together, we can apply our philosophy to a wide variety of situations, helping you accelerate your business and your career. Our free blog posts focus on a variety of themes which will benefit anyone who is interested in growing and learning.

Why Do I Work with Creatives?

Why do I work with Creatives? In my experience, Creatives (musicians, artists, chefs, etc.) are often undervalued in society and even tend to undervalue their own contributions. One of the reasons I do what I do is to help people uncover and accomplish their...

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Confidence vs. Arrogance

For many years, 'arrogant' was one of the first words used to describe me. This hurt, but was unfortunately accurate. In recent years I've worked, sometimes successfully, to grow beyond this. For much of this time, I strove to be confident rather than arrogant. Now, I...

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Walk the Talk, Episode 1: Embrace Your Adventure

Are you a creative or entrepreneur with a desire to improve? Do you have questions about growing your business, how to sell more, or ways to be a more effective leader? I've started a brand new series over on Facebook where I talk to you while I go on my daily walk....

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Narrow Your Focus to Increase Success

This struggle is real for new leaders and entrepreneurs. The ideas flow and we get excited. As a result, we want to -- and feel like we can -- do everything! That results in disaster. So how do we stop the pain? Focus!

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Early is on Time!

How do you feel when you're late? If you're anything like me, you absolutely HATE it. The stress, the disruption of other people's days, and the perceived impact upon my reputation combine to create more anxiety and negative consequences than I care to deal with. So,...

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The Launch of Leaders Must Learn

I'm excited to have reached another milestone for Leaders Must Lead: the 'official' launch of our Leaders Must Learn platform. Details are in the flyer and I'm more than glad to answer any questions, but in short this is an attempt to make a large amount of effective,...

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How to Make a Difference In the World

Don't let "it" stop you! What "it" is for you. Make a difference in the world today. Everyone needs to hear this message and understand you don't have to wait for some magical occurrence. You can make an impact in people's lives right now. For many years, I didn't get...

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Embrace Your Adventure

What's the last adventure you had? What is the next one you have scheduled? Recently we talked about stepping outside of your comfort zone, and one way to do that is to embrace adventure. Adventure and experienced excite the mind and challenge us to grow. They give us...

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