Let’s start a conversation! Understanding principles and discussing practical applications allows us to do more than simply share tactics. Working together, we can apply our philosophy to a wide variety of situations, helping you accelerate your business and your career. Our free blog posts focus on a variety of themes which will benefit anyone who is interested in growing and learning.

Making Dreams Come Alive!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved helping people. Personally and in business, it is the same. I love to witness success and much more even to play some part helping others accomplish their dreams. I’m a refiner. Throughout my career, I’ve worked many positions...

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3 Reasons Why Everyone (Including You) Needs a Mentor

Everyone needs help sometimes. Those that seek it out proactively have a much greater likelihood of winning. We learn from many sources, but those we trust who can (and are willing to) provide objective feedback which challenges us to grow are among the most valuable....

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You Got This!

Thought of the day: You got this! I may not know you personally, but I know that you have the capacity to improve, change, and grow. Everyone struggles, but you're the agent of your own future. How do we overcome our doubts and struggles? Be more grateful, focus on...

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Comfort Zones: Good for Rest, Not Growth!

I love my bed, maybe even a bit too much. It's soft and warm and cozy. Unfortunately the same is true of my comfort zone. However, to grow, we must step out and do the uncomfortable things. Your comfort zone is also like a bed and it's time to get out of there!...

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Subtle Biases in Society

Subtle ways in which society is biased and it affects everything we do. Subtle biases are natural and tend to favor the majority. Recognizing them allows us to address, adapt, and overcome. Multiple biases can often combine to create increased challenge. Three biases...

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Overcoming the ‘Momentum of Zero’

Resolutions are easy. Keeping them? Not so much. But why? I'm no scientist (nor do I play one on Facebook), but I'll say this: Overcoming the 'momentum of zero' is tough. As I've been finalizing my 2018 goals I've really felt this pain. Objectively this sounds a bit...

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Solid Ground

Effective leaders understand tactics may change, but principles stay the same. Dealing with uncertainty is a way of life and a rapidly changing world requires leaders in any situation to adapt and grow. For many, this leads to anxiety as they struggle to find comfort...

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